Liu Qing

刘 青

Biography  简历

刘青  博士,作曲家,中国音乐学院作曲系副教授,硕士生导师,复调教研室主任,华人女作曲家协会副主席。曾先后毕业于中国音乐学院,中央音乐学院,师从王宁、张韵璇、金湘、于苏贤等教授。



Liu Qing, composer, associate professor of composition department of China Conservatory of Music, head of the teaching and research section of polyphony, vice president of Chinese Woman Composers’ Association. She was tutored by professor Wang Ning, Zhang Yunxuan, Jin Xiang and Yu Suxian successively. She received her Ph.D from China Central Conservatory of Music in 2009.

Dr. Liu Qing’s music pursues exquisite style, distinguished by a profound traditional Chinese music background and modern compositional theory and technique of Western music. Her works are strikingly innovative, yet moving and emotional. Her works have been performed and gained praises in important concerts and music festivals at home and abroad. In 2012, her work Feng Huang, which was commissioned by Huaxia Chamber Orchestra, premiered in Lincoln Center and earned the first prize in 2012 Princeton International Composition Competition in US. In 2008, her Guzheng concerto Ru Man, which was commissioned by International Female Musicians’ Music Festival, was selected in “Xinyi Cup” China fifty classical national orchestra concertos and won silver award in “Xinyi Cup” National Orchestra Competition. In 2010, her work Chile Song, which was commissioned by the Chinese Youth String Orchestra for its 10th anniversary, won “Wenhua music creation award” of Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China. Her work The First Symphony “Tiangong” premiered in Guoyin Concert Hall and was recorded and issued by Tianjin Symphony Orchestra. In 2014, her national orchestral music Ou﹒Xi, which was commissioned by Singapore Chinese Orchestra, premiered in the concert hall of Singapore Conference Hall . In 2014, her symphony work Matsu, which was commissioned by China National Symphony Orchestra, premiered in National Center for the Performing Arts. Many of her works have been published by People's Music Publishing House and HUGO Productions (HK) Ltd..

As a project leader, she independently bear the project of young and middle-aged backbone teachers in Beijing and humanities and social science project of Beijing Municipal Education Commission and was elected as one of “young and middle-aged top-notch talents of universities in Beijing” in 2013.